My excellent school !!!

By Stella - Maria Daravinga (3rd grade)


Public Music Schools have recently been introduced in the Greek Educational system, in the past 10-12 years. Although there is a controversy about their efficiency and their real contribution to music studies, yet, as a student of such a school, I feel privileged to write a few things about them, and especially about the school I go to.


I am in the 3rd year of Junior Music High School of Serres, a small town in northern Greece. I have always wanted to be involved in music, since my early years. Of course, my choice of getting into the Music High School proved to be the right, if not the best one.

 From the very beginning, I had the chance, first of all, to interact with people with the same interests. In a conventional High School, you do not have that chance. In addition, I have been quite favoured of having some of the best-qualified teachers, in my opinion, to help and guide me through this procedure.

As you probably know, we also have to attend the standard High School Curriculum, which is sometimes quite heavy, combined with the extra classes we have to follow concerning music. Yet, I have to admit that everything happens for a cause. 

 What can I say about our everyday school life? Quite tiring, but interesting and rewarding as well. As I mentioned before, our teachers are very helpful and they guide us, step by step, to our chosen path. They are always there to explain and work out any problems we may face. Furthermore, being with fellow students who share the same interests as me is quite a stimulating experience.

 What is more, we all have the chance to take part in music concerts, organized by our school, and, of course, attend some special performances as well. Every year, we usually organize at least two open-to-public concerts, one of European and another of Traditional music, not to mention the less formal ones, taking place at school and being attended by both students and their parents as well. The two formal events are quite distinguished and recognized, since the whole school participates, and are promoted by the local media. It is a chance for us, as students, to see and realise what we have accomplished so far, in a professional way I could say.

Last but not least, I should also refer to the opportunities we have after graduating. For those of us who are really interested in following a career in music, I have to say that we definitely feel safe in entering a higher educational institution, having acquired a solid background in pursuing our goal.

Taking all the above into consideration, I have to admit that being a student of a Music High School makes me feel, above all, proud and strong enough to make my dream come true! Which is? - to become an experienced, well-qualified and ready-to-be-employed musician. 

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